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What you can expect from sheet vinyl

Sheet vinyl flooring is a far cry from the sheet flooring of yesteryear that you might best remember from your grandmother's kitchen. This material combines all the best things about vinyl, along with a few all its own, to create a floor covering that might just help you scratch off every requirement on your list. From stunning good looks to amazing durability, every space in your home that needs flooring can benefit from this product. Let’s continue, to find out whether this product should be the next one you install in your own home.

At First Steps Flooring, you’ll be pleased to find a great variety of floor coverings at your disposal. At the same time, our flooring specialists will make sure to offer only the best service by helping you browse our products in a no-hassle environment while answering any questions you might have.

Once you pick the perfect flooring, we can also help by installing that product for you, and even offering great service once it’s in place. Be sure to stop by our showroom in Crossville, TN. We serve the Crossville and Monterey areas, and we’d love the opportunity to serve you as well. Stop by and visit us anytime you’re in the area.
Affordable vinyl flooring in Monterey, TN from First Steps Flooring

Sheet vinyl flooring benefits for you

One benefit you’ll only find in sheet vinyl flooring is its ability to cover the entirety of an average sized room with one single sheet of flooring. This is not only aesthetically pleasing, in that there are no visual interruptions within the design, but it can be very beneficial in other ways too. For instance, since there are no seams for water to permeate, you’ll never have to worry about water damage from an accident or a spill. In fact, these will sit atop your flooring until either you clean it up or it evaporates.

Sheet vinyl is very comfortable to walk on, offering a resilient mimicking that of luxury vinyl flooring. This not only puts a spring in your step and a more comfortable place to stand for longer periods of time, but it’s also warmer to the touch. While this might not remove the benefits of an aptly placed area rug here and there, it can certainly make for a better barefoot walking experience.

Be sure to ask your flooring specialist for a breakdown of the complete list of benefits of this particular floor covering. We’re sure you’ll be interested.

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